Wane reflects on the life process of decline: the fading away and dying that inevitably concludes all life cycles. As the collective effort of five artists, the works in this exhibition examine the ebbing of vitality, the tangibility of loss, and that which remains when life seeps away. Through the traces of life found in imprint and impression, Wane presents the transformation of experience into memory.

As a process, waning requires letting go. Perfection and possibility are released in favor of what is actual and graspable; abundant fleshiness gives way to spare, skeletal forms. Yet we hang on tenaciously to the threads of life, even as we are overtaken by their accumulated loss. The artists participating in Wane have created their work in the tension of letting go / hanging on that accompanies loss, exploring what happens while that which one loves is slowly fading away into nothing. The structures that remain - shells and husks, objects and symbols - gesture to that which is missing, that which is lost but not gone. The repeated squares utilized in Wane act to regulate the progression of loss; lines and interior boxes help to contain the spill of fear, regret and loneliness.  

With materials and themes unique to their particular experiences of waning and loss, the five artists have developed visual vocabulary for Wane that ranges from representational imagery to minimalist articulation. Individual pieces speak in narratives of birds and flight/ flightlessness, reflect on the persistent endurance of hair and teeth and on the fragility of leaves and script, indicate the stripping away of that which is no longer necessary and the revealing of that which is imperishable. Through a personal yet collective process, materials that have been marked by living and by loving have become representations and signs, slipping quietly from present to past and constituted anew as memory.

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